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Our Purpose

To bring financial, social, relational, and educational liberty by utilizing our gifts, talents, resources, and love.


Our Mission

The mission of Noble Worldwide Investments LLC is to become a global competitor through strategic investments in Real Estate and Technology.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Create and provide investment opportunities that creates a wholistic approach to wealth, financial peace, enhances the quality of life, quality health, and helps to establish family legacies.

Our Goal

To help individuals and Businesses connect with investment opportunities through our unique and elite network of partnerships, Real Estate investment projects, and provide education on wealth and health


Noble Buchannon Sr.


We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

Noble Worldwide Investments LLC. is a privately owned LLC that invest primarily in Real Estate industry (Real Estate Development of commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial) and Advance Market Breakthrough Technology. We have nearly forty years (40) of combined experience and knowledge in real estate and investing.  We have achieved success by utilizing various financial instruments to help us leverage our buying power that range from private investors, strategic financing, strategic partnerships, and Return on our Investments (ROI).

Practical Experience

Noble (נאצל, יקר רוח, אציל): Having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, brilliance, Exalted, high moral and character, leader, royalty, loyalty) of, relating to, or belonging to the highest social class of, relating to, or belonging to the nobility.

Buchannon– The verb כנע (Kana’an): Land of purple, International Trade, International Synchronicity or to give up individual leanings in order to unite more effectively as a group.

Noble Buchannon is a native-born San Diegan who is the embodiment of a transformed life. Noble has nearly Twenty-five years in Business and Investing. Mr. Buchannon has a degree in Math and Statistics and a degree in Business. He also, over a decade of combined hands on experience and college education (Studies of Computer Science). Mr. Buchannon passionate about investing into the lives of people by way of: Job creation, educating on generational wealth building, providing investment opportunities, health, and resources. But nothing is more rewarding to Mr. Buchannon than investing in people in a way that helps them to function in their God given purpose.  “I believe that we are blessed to be a blessing” and that we have a God given mandate to be “Fruitful and Multiply”. His heart is big on investing into disadvantage communities that lack finance, resources, and opportunities to be competitive in the business arena. Communities that are under privileged and underserved by industries that provide economic growth in a way that prepares the community for the future.


  1. I want to leave a legacy for the generation that follow. A healthy model that is duplicatable (Fruitful and multiplicative) in a way that positively  impacts life and sets people free. I want my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren to be able to have the liberty to live out their God given purpose.
  2. For those that come from similar challenges in life and lack the opportunity and financial freedom to be the best that God has created them to be, unlocking their full potential, to be “World Changers”.
  3.  WHY NOT……
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Noble Worldwide Investments, LLC (NWI), is currently in partnership with NBH Homes, LLC.  (NBH), and Invictus Global Group, LLC. to form NBH WA Development, LLC (NBH WA). NBH WA investment project consist of building 1,000 to 1,500 homes in Blaine Washington (Northern East Washington). Our development consists of building in the beautiful Blaine Washington Sea Smoke area, which sets just below the Canadian border. This location is perfect for families and people looking to get away and capture the benefits of hybrid living. Beautiful place for being away from Major City congestion and enjoying nature at its best. The is a growing area as residence of Seattle, California, and Major City residence flee these places because of the rise in the cost of living, over congestion, and lack quality air. The area is accompanied by beautiful mountains, fishing lakes, and Canada that sits right above.


Noble is a member, investor, and Executive Director for Southern California with Power Community Development Inc. (PCDSINC). This company is a Silicon Valley based privately-owned for-profit company that is home to the Advanced Envelop System. The Advance Envelope System is a market disruption system that is destined to replace traditional stick build structures with a Magnesia (MgO) Cement Oxide Boards. This product spans building from residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial buildings. A proven concept and patent product that is resistant to fire, termites, rot, mold, impact, tornadoes, and is environmentally free from toxins. This advance technology is a homeowner, builder, investor, and developer dream come true.

See about an investment, membership, and job opportunities with Power Community Development Inc.

Business Investment Partners and Consultants

NBH WA Development, LLC partnership

Megan Yi CEO of Invictus Global Group, LLC.

Has a Criminology Degree from U.C. Irvine, Megan’s a profound desire to help former inmates make successful transition back into society is at the heart of her involvement in this strategic alliance with Francisco Oropeza. Megan feels privileged to assist Francisco in making Second Chance Construction an effective platform for those needing second chance in life.


Francisco brings over two decades of building expertise to the team, expanding from framing to general residential contracting. As the founder of Second Chance Construction, LLC., Francisco has become one of the leading residential contractors in the Treasure Valley area, including Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell and Notus. Francisco has a passion for high quality construction and has become one of Treasure Valley’s largest home builder.

Business and Development consultant

Charles Yi:

As an independent consultant to Noble Worldwide Investments, LLC. in Real Estate development and construction management, reports, advises and implements the goals and objectives of Noble Worldwide Investments, LLC. Charles has 28 years of extensive experience in the Real Estate industry focused on development and construction management. Charles experience spans the globe having overseen projects in

China, Europe, and the United States, and stretches from residential home development to various types of commercial development including assisted-living facilities and retail centers.


Education and Experience

Acquisition Management for Real Estate and Land Development

Southwestern School of Law, J.D., Los Angeles, 1993-1996

Oral Roberts University, BS, Theology & Political Science, 1984-1988


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