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When I came to Noble Worldwide Investments in 2019, the objective was to invest in Real Estate. However, my credit was standing in the way of me making that dream come true. I had not been using credit for some time, after going through a real rough time in my life. Noble from Noble Worldwide Investments helped me to get my credit back on track and position me for success. He was very patient, attentive to my concerns, and kept me updated every step of the way. I appreciate the service that was given. Thank you, Noble Worldwide Investments for helping me turn my dreams into reality.

Tameeca Norwood

In 2013, I had filed for bankruptcy due to some financial hardship. I knew my credit needed some work, so I enrolled into the services of what was considered a big credit repair company. I had given up on the service when I seemed to be getting no favorable results while continuing to pay for monthly services. I; eventually, gave up. I wanted to start my own life scan and tax company, but my credit was standing in my way. I had heard about Noble Worldwide Investments from a friend who was into Real Estate investment. Not only did my bankruptcy get removed from my credit reports, I was also able to open the doors to my business in 2020. Thank you, Noble Worldwide Investments, for being patient and committed to helping me to achieve success.

Regina Harper

Noble Worldwide Investments has helped me get back on track towards financial freedom. The people there cared about my success as if it were their own. They took the time to educate me on how credit works, strategies to getting out of debt, and how to leverage my credit to build wealth. The stress is gone and I’m feeling so much better about how my financial future is looking. Thank you, Noble Worldwide Investments

Patty Allen

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