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    Types of Credit Report Errors

    Credit reporting agencies, such as Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, have the responsibility of providing accurate credit history information to lenders, employers, and other similar entities. However, many credit reports contain errors created by creditors/debt collectors, or the credit agencies themselves. These errors can include:


    • Multiple Listings – A single debt is listed two or more times on your credit report, making it appear as if you owe more than you do.

    • Incorrect or False Delinquency Reports – Your report states that you are behind on a debt that is current or has already been paid off.

    • Social Security Number Errors – Another person’s credit information can be included on your report. Referred to as a “Mixed and Merged” report, it typically occurs in cases where two individuals have similar Social Security numbers.

    • Impermissible Access – When you apply for credit, your credit report is often reviewed, which can have an impact on your overall credit score. If someone reviews your credit report without your authorization, it can appear as if you have applied for credit more often than you have, which can be detrimental to your score.